COB LED Track Light - 20W

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This model of LED track lights are more convenient, because it can be either surface mounted or track mounted.  LED tracking lights are more common now a days in apartments, retail shops, hotel lobbies, F&B shops, art galleries etc.

This track light is in white and black in colour and the body is made up of cast aluminium. COB chip is used as light source and the elegant reflector helps the light falls on the required object properly. The driver is fitted outside of the LED casing which helps both the heat sources are isolated from each other and gives the light a long life span of 50,000hrs. Track is inbuilt with 2wired copper conductor and the driver casing can easily fit on the track. There is a locking mechanism to hold the light firmly on the track without falling. The light can rotate 360deg to point on the required object.

This track light is available in 12W, cool white and warm white

Input voltage AC 100-240VAC
Watts 20W, Option for surface mount
Luminous flux 1600-1700Lm
Colour 3000K and 6000K
LED type COB
Warranty 1 year
Body material Die cast Aluminium
Other Spec ROHS compliance High efficiency isolation driver, quick start, zero noise and no flashing. Latest COB packing technology Unique reflector cup. Good heat dissipation. No spots, super bright. Long life span of 50,000 hours
Applications Apartments, Retail, F&B, Hotels, Shopping malls, museums, SPAs etc.

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