16W Adjustable LED Downlights / Adjustable LED Light Panels

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Adjustable LED Downlights

The speciality of this recessed adjustable led downlight is its ability to fit into various sizes of cut-outs. The adjustable clip at the back side is able to move by sides to fit into different sizes of cut-outs.  

Adjustable LED Light Panels

  • Ceiling cut-out range: 50mm to 155mm diameter. This down light is best suitable for ceiling recess fit applications for apartments, hotel rooms, hospitals, villas and retail outlets.
  • Greater colour rendering index
  • Easy to install
  • Do it yourself.
  • High energy saving when replaced with old CFL
  • Aluminium alloy body
  • Frame Size : φ175mm
  • Cut-out size :  φ 50mm to φ155mm

Input voltage AC 100-240VAC
Watts 16W
LED type SMD
Warranty 1 year
Body material Die cast Aluminium
Frame Size φ175mm
Cut-out size φ 50mm to φ155mm
Finish ROHS compliance High efficiency constant current driver, quick start, zero noise and no flashing. Well distributed light Good heat dissipation Long life span of 50,000 hours
Craft Apartments, Retail, F&B, Offices

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